9 days left!!!!

Exams are over! Now it is the time for enjoy the weather and starting to be ready for my summer vacation on Ibiza!!!
It has been a hard period in my live but in the other hand I have enjoy a lot in the Fashion School😃 
I can say that I am a Consultant Fashion!!! I will never forget my knowledge as an architect and I hope to find a job where I can combine both professions to be a good Manager- Project Manager and Stylist. That is my new goal now and I know, I can do it!
I want to say thank you very much to my husband, you have been there every day helping me with all the subjects having so much patient translating from Norwegian to English... It was not easy but we did it!!! Thank you so much 😘 I feel some drops on my chains, I love you.
And thank you for my family and my new family, all of you have support me every special moment I needed. Thank you so so much special to my mother and my husband's mother. 😊
And all my friends!!! Specially Annette and Lara, you girls have helped me so much when I had exams or I had to deliver an assignment in Norwegian. I will never forget that. I love you a lot and I am happy to have good friends here, in Norway. You too girls April, Dovile, Signe, Guri... And the rest of the girls and from those are away from me, that just in distance because I feel you very close to me, what's up, Skype and Face Time helps a lot!!!
Well here I am writing these words from the terrace of my apartment in Oslo lying on a sunnbed  dreaming with a perfect summer- honey moon vacation. 

Thank you so much for be there when I have needed you, I have appreciated it a lot.
With Love,

And... Here I am!!


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